The Challenges

While Programmatic Advertising helps brands and agencies increase ROI and reach,

it also introduces new challenges that need to be addressed.

Supply Chain 

These are exactly the challenges that HIRO’s Brand Campaign Control is here to solve.

With our simple, self-managed solution

you’re finally able to find out:

Where are your ads displayed?
How are your ads presented?
Who are your resellers?
Which supply partners yield the best results?

Brand Campaign Control

Brand Campaign Control is world’s first solution for advertisers to have a full control over their campaigns. This unique tool provides advertisers with the truth: an authentic and fully transparent map of where your ads are playing – and complete, precise control over tag performance via our platform.

Even if you verify your supply vendors against Ads.txt, it only lists the entities permitted to sell the site’s inventory. With HIRO BCC you gain deep intelligence that boosts your business.




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HIRO’s Solution

HIRO’s solution for advertisers includes a full suite of brand campaign control tools and capabilities:

Supply Path Mapping 

BCC provides an updated map of the brand’s supply chain. Enabling full transparency over your ad supply paths and allowing you to reveal who your supply partners really are and what is their role within your ecosystem.


Access multiple layers of data, insights and trends, including CTR, viewability, fraud and more. Compare the activities and performance of DSPs and other partners in the supply chain, for both video and display, on any platform and device.


Receive alerts on the performance of your ads based on your own KPIs and needs.

Quick & Easy Integration 

HIRO BCC fits seamlessly within any use case and technology stack.

Learn All About the Advantages that Our Platform Has to Offer

With BCC, brands and advertisers are finally handed the reins of control over their campaigns. Making the programmatic world an easier, smarter and more efficient place to navigate.

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