U2cpm Package

Under 2 dollars - A unique media mix with

a guaranteed average CPM under 2 dollar.


Our media planner  will provide you only with packages that are relevant to your brief. For example, we have a unique expertise of the Millennial segment ( but not only)  , so you can have focused targeting to segments such as:

  • Millennial Moms

  • Millennials Fashion  

  • Millennials Food

  • Millennials Beauty

  • Millennials Finance  

Full Control

You control your ads placements. The media mix includes only pre-verified destination sites.

Full Transparency 

HIRO dashboard provides you with ongoing campaign performance data and will help you with optimization decisions.

Tailor-Made Approach

Once you subscribe to the new package, you receive a list of destination sites for you to choose from and create your ultimate media mix. After choosing your wish list, one of our dedicated account managers will work with your team very closely to make sure that you have the best results and performance.

Why should you try it?

  • Cost-Effective: It’s the most economical way to have a fruitful recency branding campaign.

  • Brand Safe: Many brands and agencies are concerned about brand safety and the content environment/context in which they are being exposed. With HIRO U2CPM’s fully verified and safe package – your brand is totally safe and protected from inappropriate, or incompatible content.

  • Control: Programmatic technologies and platforms have added real value to the Industry, but also brought many hazards in the areas of transparency, safety , user experience etc. It’s time for brands and agencies to take control again. With HIRO as your media partner you get a full control over your marketing activities.

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